Episode 15: China Bleeds Red

In 1966, Communist China undergoes a political and cultural upheaval as the aging Mao Zedong seeks to ensure his continued relevance, with disastrous results.

Episode 14: The New Purges

Following the example of his mentor Stalin, new Soviet leader Alexander Shelepin ruthlessly purges the Russian government, military and Communist Party.

Episode 13: Age of Aquarius

The worlds of music, pop culture and religion in America undergo profound changes in the transition from the hopeful 1960s to the cynical ’70s.

Episode 11: Minority President

George Romney takes office as President of a deeply divided country, facing economic collapse, a hostile Congress and the effects of several self-inflicted political wounds.

Episode 10: 1968

The 1968 Presidential election campaign gets underway with major candidates in over their heads and a legion of raging racists trying to spoil the result.

Episode 9: Sunset in Saigon

Kennedy finally winds down the unpopular war in Vietnam, but is forced to make a political ultimatum that will have far-reaching global consequences.

Episode 8: Doctors Scandal

Disclosures of JFK’s health history and cover-ups of his drug use create a nationwide scandal that seriously threatens the Kennedy agenda and presidential legacy.

Episode 7: Two Summers

Setbacks in race relations in the U.S., coupled with the ongoing agony in Vietnam, make the summers of 1965 and 1966 especially trying ones for Americans.


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